Product code: 11.050

Non-toxic high-performance deep cleaner for stripping. For removal of polymer and wax coatings (protective films) with the scrubber-drier. Contains solvents. Slightly alkaline. Lightly perfumed. Low foaming.

Area of application
For mechanical deep cleaning of washable and solvent-resistant surfaces and floor coverings (PVC, linoleum, PU coverings, natural and cast stone, clinker, etc.).

Carry out coating removal using the indirect method. Note: Apply min. 0.3l/m2 cleaning solution on the floor covering and observe the 20-minute contact time. In case of big rooms, work in sections and ensure that the cleaning solution does not dry out.

Only clean PU coverings without playing court lines. Not suitable for coverings made of rubber, epoxy, wood, asphalt and painted surfaces, as well as acid-sensitive stone coverings.

Carefully read the product data sheet and safety data sheet before use. The manufacturer shall have no liability whatsoever for damage caused by incorrect use. Only for professional use.