Discomatic Tango

Product code: 50.021

High performance – both at the front and the back. The very agile and versatile Wetrok scrubber-drier, powered by a lithium-ion battery, requires only minimal vertical clearance and offers continuously high performance. Small. Strong. Elegant.

The Tango is both elegant and powerful. The Discomatic Tango scrubber-dryer is a high-quality, highperformance machine – both at the front and the back. The cleaning solution features suction at the front as well as the back. The small Discomatic Tango is suitable for cleaning under tables and benches, where no machine has gone before. Thanks to the lithium-ion battery, the power is continuous and constantly high. It is the tango as interpreted by Wetrok: world class, from Switzerland, small but perfectly formed.


  • Ideal for hard-to-reach areas due to its lowest vertical clearance
  • Safety as floors dry immediately thanks to front and rear suction
  • Constantly high power due to long-lasting lithium-ion batteries
  • Efficient hygiene when compared with cleaning using a mop
  • Easy to transport and maintain thanks to its sophisticated design