The Esprit streamlines FM cleaning

An all-purpose machine which streamlines cleaning processes for the facilities management market has been launched in the UK.

The introduction of the Duomatic Esprit scrubber-drier follows the announcement of the new partnership between leading cleaning system specialist Wetrok and national distributor and training provider Jigsaw Cleaning Systems.

The-EspritWetrok is working with Jigsaw and its partners to provide unrivalled products, services and support through its growing distribution network.

The Esprit’s patented Wetrok Power Whirl squeegee assembly extends the run time of the machine, while delivering optimised suction air turbulence, drying the floor as it passes.

The Touch’n’Clean handle allows easy manoeuvring and guarantees safety, enabling the user to stop and start the machine instantly, while its integrated charging unit reduces unnecessary power consumption.

An automatic dosage system results in a reduction in the use of chemicals and water, and less refill time is required for the 55-litre tank.

Already, a number of distributors have committed to the Wetrok-Jigsaw offering of cleaning products including machines, chemicals and janitorial items that help address productivity, cost, the environment and training from one source.

Ian Sturgeon, sales director of Jigsaw Cleaning Systems, said: “The need for products and systems which ensure high performance and productivity while keeping costs down will always be a priority in the cleaning industry.

“Robust, compact and reliable, the Esprit is the perfect machine for daily use, allowing the user to clean larger surface areas in a shorter time, which improves efficiencies and generates savings in time and money.

“Trials have shown there are huge advantages to using cleaning products which utilise innovative technology, making the job easier and more efficient and leading to major benefits for all industries.”

The Wetrok-Jigsaw collaboration serves all sectors for cleaning across the UK including FM, healthcare, contractors, government, leisure, hospitality and education.

Wetrok AG offers the highest quality of cleaning machines, chemicals and janitorial products plus a comprehensive range of services. It maximises cleaning processes and the use of cleaning technology by way of customised client advice and tailor-made training and technical support.

Jigsaw Cleaning Systems is the national distributor of products from Wetrok AG, serving the public and private sectors with a range of cleaning products throughout the UK.