The Delight rides into the UK

A new ride-on scrubber-drier machine boasting the latest in innovative technology has been launched to the UK cleaning market.

National distributor and training provider Jigsaw Cleaning Systems has introduced the Drivematic Delight, following the announcement of its new partnership with Swiss cleaning system specialist Wetrok.

The-DelightWetrok is working with Jigsaw and its partners to provide unrivalled products, services and support through its growing distribution network.

The Delight’s small turning circle allows usage within tighter spaces, while power can reach a 12 per cent incline, meaning ramps and slopes can be used and a wider range of areas accessible.

Innovative technology reduces noise emissions significantly which results in a quieter, more discreet cleaning process, meaning the machine is suitable for use at any time with minimal disruption across a range of diverse industries.

An optional dosage system means a reduction in the amount of chemicals used, while the quick-refill feature incorporates an integrated hose, allowing the machine to be left unattended while it refills with water and shuts off automatically when at capacity.

Ian Sturgeon, sales director of Jigsaw Cleaning Systems, said: “The Delight is a machine which enhances cleaning systems, ensuring a highly efficient process. It’s comfortable, practical and flexible, allowing large surface areas to be cleaned much faster.

“In the facilities management industry, efficiencies are essential, so it’s important that manufacturers recognise the requirements of their clients when designing new equipment which is in line with the needs of the cleaning industry, to get the job done quickly while maintaining the highest standards in hygiene.”

The Wetrok-Jigsaw collaboration serves all sectors for cleaning across the UK including FM, healthcare, contractors, government, leisure, hospitality and education.

Wetrok AG offers the highest quality of cleaning machines, chemicals and janitorial products plus a comprehensive range of services. It maximises cleaning processes and the use of cleaning technology by way of customised client advice and tailor-made training and technical support.

Jigsaw Cleaning Systems is the national distributor of products from Wetrok AG, serving the public and private sectors with a range of cleaning products throughout the UK.