Blog: Pre-sweeping is essential to achieving the best results

As anyone who has received basic training in commercial cleaning will know, pre-sweeping hard floors before wet cleaning takes place is a very good idea.

Not only does it ensure the cleaning process is more effective because we are not adding moisture to dry soil, but it also means our equipment will perform better for longer.

Mops stay cleaner, floor pads and brushes will not clog, floors will be saved from scratching and the risk of machinery being damaged or its performance inhibited will be drastically reduced.

One of the most important parts of any scrubber dryer is its squeegee blades and if these become damaged by dust build up then the machine will not perform effectively. This will mean time is lost in rectifying simple issues which could have been avoided in the first instance if a suitable pre-clean system had been adopted.

The chosen sweeping system should be appropriate for the area being cleaned and the result desired. These can be either mechanical or manual but should always suit a site’s specific needs.

If manual sweeping is preferred, then dust control mops are suitable for areas classified as medium to low risk. These are areas where traces of fine residual dust are unlikely to cause too much of a problem, an office reception area for example.

If however, this residual dust is more likely to be an issue, for example on a hospital ward, then we would recommend the use of Masslinn cloths which are far more efficient in the removal of the fine dust that traditional sweeping systems leave behind and offer the added benefit of much higher productivity too. The results need to be seen to be believed.

Where mechanical sweeping is the preferred option, perhaps due to the size of area or the nature of the debris or soil type, sweepers such as Wetrok’s Turbo Sweep 770 Plus deliver high productivity with the simplest operation and maintenance and increased cleaning performance compared to manual sweeping.

Alternatively, the compact Speedmatic Twister can be adapted for use with a carpet brush. This means it is capable of sweeping textile floor coverings and covers large areas without breaking sweat.

Using the right sweeping system prior to any wet clean ensures that that wet clean is performing to its ultimate ability.

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